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Wireless IR Sensor Charger

$59.99 $119.99 saving $60.00
Wireless IR Sensor Charger

Wireless IR Sensor Charger

$59.99 $119.99 saving $60.00

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Fabulous hair dryer brush

Absolutely fabulous hot hair dryer brush. aligns perfectly curly hair volume and gives a chic look. It works exactly as advertised and expected. It seems to work just as well as my expensive hair dryer and a lot of a lot easier! I would recommend it to everyone!

it is very solid

Yesterday I received it, it has been installed today, it is very solid, it is much more convenient to take the children out to play and put the mobile phone on the navigation. The climate is warm and it is very good to go out with children.

Almost Perfect

This worked exactly how I needed it to. The only think I can say against it, is everybody has pop sockets now a days and you can't put the phone on in the case with the pop socket on. I have to take it out every time I need to use it.

The quality is very good

The quality is very good, the workmanship is also fine, very satisfied, and it is a good product. I suggest that friends with cars should actively buy it. It is really convenient to go out and drive the navigation.

Great mount but beware of use in hot cars or areas

This mount holds the phone great for me. I got it because it fits quite well into the shelf of my 2017 highlander, giving me a very low profile mount instead of sitting on the dash like my friend has his. The suction holds well on his dash, but since the place I have mine isnt ideal,I put something above it to hold it still in the shelf.The wireless charging on this device works well. Also the motor to hold the device provides enough force so your phone won't go anywhere.The reason i gave this 3 stars instead of 5 is due to its malfunctioning. My friend and I both live in california where it gets very hot in our cars in the summer. My friends device started not closing properly without manual assistance, and rapidly clicking when trying to open, much sooner than my own. We assumed it was due to the heat and being in the sun since it's on his dash and mine is out of the sunlight more. However, not much later, my mount began acting in the same fashion. It's now quite difficult at times to get it to close on the phone.If you are not living in a 90+ degree sunny area, I would wager this mount will work great for you. If you are though, I would try to make sure the car stays cooler if you get this mount.I will add, neither my friend or I have windshield visors, so using one of those may have prevented the issue. But that is a guess and I cant confirm.