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Bluetooth Earphones with charging box

$36.99 $73.99 saving $37.00
Bluetooth Earphones with charging box

Bluetooth Earphones with charging box

$36.99 $73.99 saving $37.00
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Customer Reviews

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The best headphones I've owned!

Perfect earbuds! It took me a second to figure out how to synchronize both earbuds as a single unit instead of separate Bluetooth devices since iPhones can only output sound to one at a time, but once I got that squared away they've been my favorite purchase of this year. The sound quality is excellent and noise cancellation is great. The fit is perfect and much better than airpods. They also come with a few pairs of rubber earpieces if you prefer a bigger or smaller fit. They look incredibly sleek and modern. The case for them is also a phone power bank. Neat! Highly recommended!

small but mighty

These are so comfortable, they work good have good sound. they have a charge that last the day.These pair easy with the phone. which can also charge my phone. Great buy

Awesome beast and one of the smartest earbuds

From my personal experience of one week this is one of the best within this price. The touch feature works really fine. The case always shows the charge percentage that is one of the unique features. I can receive and decline in coming calls with my fingers that is really helpful while driving the car. Pairing then with my Iphone XR is really easy. As soon as I take them out of the charging case and they are ready for pairing. The richness of the bass and clarity of the highs are of the quality level of the highest end earbuds. As I like metals this earbud is one of the best choice for me. I highly recommend this earbud.

long battery life

love this , got ot few days ago and it works awesome , using it in the gym . i can jump and move freely without the feeling of it fall off , long battery life and clear sounds

Great wireless headphones

I bought this product for my daughter she is 10 years old and wanted some ear pods so I bought these ...... I thought it will be great for her to start out with these wireless headphones... she really loves them.. I think as well as she thinks they are are clear and really loud ... she is really happy with them ... she really love music so this presents was the best for her... we both think that these headphones works for all ages...