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Always be prepared with the handheld mini sewing machine.

Sew Anything Anywhere

Compact, convenient, and fits in the palm of your hand. With this handheld sewing machine, you can mend curtains that are on the rod, stitch up a torn pocket without having to remove the pants, and hem-up a skirt while you are wearing it.

Easy to Use

Whether you're an experienced seamstress looking for a portable machine or a beginner wanting to try out sewing for the first time, this sewing machine is an excellent choice.

High Quality Construction

Made using high grade materials, and a strong mechanism, for ultimate reliability when you need it. This sewing machine is strong enough to sew through denim without issue.

Neat Stitch

Get a perfect stitch for whatever project calls for it. The flat-bed machine has a stitch-length of 2-2.5mm in a chain stitch formation. the handheld cordless mini sewing machine is great for making aprons, gloves, and all kinds of small projects.

Portable & Powerful

Requiring only four AA batteries to operate and measuring just under nine inches, this handheld sewing machine is small enough to be stowed away in any drawer, but can out-perform any conventional desktop sewing machine. For added convenience, the handheld mini sewing machine comes has an input jack for an AC adapter.


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Every Crafter and Seamstress Needs this Portable Handheld Cordless Mini Sewing Machine

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