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Charge Anything Anywhere

With the wireless charging pad you can charge any wireless charging enabled phone. It also has two USB ports for charging anything without wireless charging capabilities. For a full list of wireless charger ready phones click here.

Keep Your Case On

With 6mm of active charging distance, your phone case can stay in the case where it belongs. The charge will be transmitted through any non-metallic case material without issue.

Go Solar

In case you're too far from a plug to recharge, simply expose the solar panel to the suns rays and it will begin to charge. The more intense the sunlight, the stronger the charge will be.

Light it Up

Equipped with dual led flashlights, for a handy and convenient emergency flashlight. Perfect for camping, hiking, or any other activity where light is limited.

Rugged Construction

IPX4 splashproof, dustproof and shockproof, this unit is sturdy and durable in all outdoor conditions. The included keychain allows for easy access, and easy access to a compass for navigating.


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